“I wanted to give back to the community. My dogs have changed my life and I wanted more dogs to help people change their lives so I felt it to be appropriate to start a new project. My new project is inspired by Daisy, my rescued girl. She has changed my entire life for the better. This project is inspired by her and I want to thank her for that because I believe this project will give a new meaning to my photography

The title of this project describes a set story for every single dog in a shelter. Each dog behind those cages are in a drought. Not a single drop of love falls on them and they are just hoping the drought will end. They need someone to shower them with love and give them a chance to have hearts shower them for eternity.

I am currently expanding my project and venturing to new shelters. I hope this project enlightens everyone on the story of a shelter dog and not only make people think twice about giving up a dog, but give these beautiful shelter dogs a chance for a new home with love.” – Jessica Trinh